Monika Piątkowska

President of the Grain
and Feed Chamber

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2023, the Grain and Feed Chamber will host the 63rd edition of the European Commodity Exchange, which will be held in Central and Eastern Europe for the first time. We will be delighted to host you on October 12-13 at the Warsaw Expo XXI Center. I am convinced that the participants of the next edition of ECE will benefit from the cooperation, contracts and new experiences that this event will bring. Already today I invite you to contact our team and to book the date of the October session.

Earlier, on May 25-26, 2023, the Chamber will host the 2nd edition of Polish Grain Day, a regional meeting of the sector, which this year is a prelude to our event in October.

For our Chamber, it will be an opportunity to showcase the potential of the Polish economy and the agri-food sector. Another season of good crops is behind us, and they have been successful both in terms of quality and yield, which in most regions of the country was better than last year. Data from the National Center for Agricultural Support shows that in 2022, despite difficult international market conditions, there was a further increase in the value of Polish food exports. In 2022, the value of sales of agri-food goods abroad reached a record high of EUR 47.6 billion (PLN 223 billion), 26.7% higher than a year earlier. Despite the difficult economic and geopolitical conditions in 2022, the revenue generated from the export of agri-food goods was as high as €47.6 billion. Stable growth, responsibility and development potential have made the Polish agri-food market the focus of attention of experts, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world for many years.

However, we realize that Polish agriculture is determined not only by its successes, but also by the challenges facing the global economy. Over time, the problems caused by the pandemic were followed by inflation and higher prices for raw materials and energy. Today, our strategic challenge is to create the conditions for the European and global agri-food sector to grow in a way that meets the food needs of societies, even under extreme circumstances and crises.

Please accept my kind invitation to discuss cooperation, development and challenges at both Polish Grain Day and European Commodity Exchange.

Monika Piątkowska



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